Language is a key to enter a new world.

If you are considering taking Japanese lessons, then consider AMON.
You can start lessons from any level, anytime and anywhere
to suit your schedule.
We offer practical Japanese for communication
and help you to understand
contemporary Japan and Japanese business society.
Our expert staff will make studying Japanese a pleasure.

We provide:

1.Highly flexible curriculums to meet with your business needs

2.Practical spoken Japanese

3.Lessons in your office or at your home

4.Fresh topics from TV, newspapers and magazines

5.Counseling at your request so that you can effectively reach your goal

For more information, please give us a call.

AMON's Activities

1. Private Japanese Lessons for Business People

  1. Private Japanese lessons for business people and their families. Our instructors have taught people from such companies including Sumitomo 3M, Motorola, P&G, Eli lilly, Astra Zeneca, Matsushita, Indo State Bank andJagar International.

  2. The Japanese Proficiency Test Course.

  3. Discussion Course ; topics on the contemporary Japan

2. Developing Japanese Teaching Materials.

With the experience of both teaching in group and private classes, AMON is now working on developing new materials.

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TEL06(6444)2009 FAX 06(6444)2010
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